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Testimonial from Rainier Scholars

August 15th, 2020 | Aldridge News


Monica Parker: One of the things that’s great about Rainier Scholars is our focus on our mission. We can focus on our mission if we’re not thinking about other aspects like our IT setup.

Aldridge aligns with Rainier Scholars’ mission in that it’s not just about what’s happening with my computer today. They serve as a partner to Rainier Scholars. As we consider how we’re expanding and growing, what our IT needs are, Aldridge is always willing to help us think through what those issues are and then to provide the support that we need.

Colin Roberts: We can take the technical and logistic problems that come up and we have folks that we work with on planning, we have folks to work on budgeting and prioritizing, and it frees up a lot of brain space to figure out the logistical challenges of how do we support students and families through a really rigorous multiyear academic and social and community challenge.

Monica: For Rainier Scholars it’s absolutely worthwhile to invest in our relationship to Aldridge. The reason why that’s important is because we’re a mission-driven organization. If we have to spend our time and energy focused on aspects other than that mission, then our families and scholars don’t get the support that they need.

If we didn’t have Aldridge, our day to day lives would be a bit challenging. I can’t even imagine what we would do without that support.

Colin: Chatting with some other staff, I’ve heard this phrase of having Aldridge be our IT department. I’m really starting to feel some of that now. I think there’s a whole ton of benefits that come along with it and having a lot of people who specialize in an area and having a help desk who has an official process, and they’ll reach out to you and you can call them up whenever, it’s really helpful.

If we hit that mark, if we hit that ideal, it’ll be really fantastic. It’s like having a dedicated team of folks who understand the business, know what the budget is, know where we’re headed and have the same incentive.

Monica: Rainier Scholars continues to choose to work with Aldridge because it’s a partnership. We know that Aldridge will be responsive to our needs and we know that they are thinking about how they can help us continue to grow and develop as an organization over time, and that’s a really important value to us.

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