The average American worker spends three hours per day checking email. With more than 70 trillion emails sent each year, employees need a way to filter out the noise.

What is focused inbox?

Focused inbox is a feature of Microsoft Outlook that separates users’ important emails and places them under a special tab for quick access. This feature gives greater visibility to the messages that matter most and allows employees to spend less time sifting through their inboxes. Focused inbox is available on Outlook’s desktop, mobile and web versions.

How does focused inbox work?Woman checking email at a coffee shop

Focused inbox uses an algorithm that interprets how users interact with their emails and determines which messages are most important. Important emails are displayed under the Focused tab while additional messages are shown under the Other tab.

Typically, messages from your contacts or people you have emailed in the past will appear on the Focused tab. Less important messages, like newsletters, generally appear under Other.

How do I use focused inbox?

Enabling or disabling focused inbox

  1. Open your inbox folder
  2. Open the View or Organize tab on the ribbon
  3. Click Show Focused Inbox to turn the feature on or off

Training your focused inbox

You can easily move messages between your Focused and Other inboxes. If you find that you’re missing important messages or have an influx of junk under your Focused tab, follow the steps below.

  1. Right-click on the message you want to move
  2. Select Move to Focused or Move to Other
  3. To create an Outlook rule that automatically classifies messages of a certain type from a specific sender, select Always Move to Focused or Always Move to Other

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