[Virtual Workshop] M&A For MSPs: A Buyer’s Approach to Valuation

December 3rd, 2020 | Demos, Managed IT Services

Our experts will walk you through a sample financial model of a typical MSP, providing buyers and sellers insight into how the valuation process should go.

Watch our virtual workshop covering how a buyer should approach the valuation process when buying another MSP. Our panel of experts (which includes a buyer, a successful former seller, and a buy-side M&A specialist) will work through a sample financial model of a typical MSP. In this recording, we will answer the following questions in addition to any specific questions you have along the way:

  • How do many buyers look at the value of your company?
  • What short-term and long-term levers can you pull to get the best valuation for you?
  • How do the Seller’s multiple of EBITDA and the buyer’s rate of return (buyer’s multiple) line up?
  • Does your balance sheet impact the total cash in your pocket?
  • How can highlighting potential synergies for the buyer work to increase your valuation?

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