[Webinar] 2024 AI Update | Lessons Learned from Our AI Journey

January 19th, 2024 | Tech Trends, Webinar

Aldridge CIO, Chad Hiatt gives a candid update on our project to implement AI across our business. We’ve reached our first project milestone and things have not gone as we anticipated. We want to share our AI journey, warts and all, because we believe that everyone who is interested in AI will benefit from the lessons that we have learned the hard way.

2024 AI Update | Lessons Learned from Our AI Journey

Watch this recording to see:

  • AI’s impact on businesses in the short and long term.
  • Requirements for starting an AI project.
  • Our AI project experience.
  • Our critical error in AI planning.
  • AI implementation challenges.
  • Getting ready for your AI project.

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