[Webinar] Microsoft Excel: Beyond the Basics

May 29th, 2024 | Microsoft 365, Webinar

Watch the training to learn advanced Excel techniques and best practices. You’ll get a quick overview of Excel’s advanced features and common business use cases. No matter what your experience with Excel is, you’ll leave this training with something new.

Microsoft Excel: Beyond the Basics


  • Named Ranges – Efficiently manage data with named cells.
  • “If” Functions – Make dynamic decisions based on certain conditions.
  • Flash Fill – Automate data transformations with ease.
  • Lookup Function – Retrieve specific information from large datasets; Vlookup & Xlookup.
  • Using Excel Tables – Organize and analyze data systematically.
  • Sorting & Filtering Excel Data – Quickly find and arrange relevant information.
  • Subtotal Function – Summarize data within groups effectively.
  • Visualizing Data with Charts – Make more effective (and better looking) charts.

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