Each business has its own unique team and culture. At Aldridge, that culture is one of open communication and growth. The dedication of the staff to their personal goals and the goals of the company as a whole has been a driving force behind Aldridge’s success.

An atmosphere of freedom and independence permeates throughout Aldridge and employees are continuously encouraged to expand their skills to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

When it comes to Aldridge employees, the company focuses not on filling an empty position, but on tailoring a person’s role to suit their strengths in a way that can add value to the company.

Summer Cooper has been with Aldridge for three years and currently serves as the firm’s Senior Administrative Assistant. The open culture that exists within Aldridge eliminates the boundaries between different people in different department
s, said Cooper.

“We have a very special place full of unique, intelligent individuals. Never have I worked at a place where everyone feels like family. Aldridge is like home,” said Cooper.

The freedom of self-expression and environment centered on community makes Aldridge an ideal place for self-discovery and career development. Nick LaPalomento is the Operations Trainer at Aldridge and has been with the company for over two years.

“At Aldridge, people aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet. We are very intentional about building relationships between coworkers, even beyond the daily work atmosphere,” said LaPalomento.

Summer Cooper and her husband, Joe Cooper.

Summer Cooper and her husband, Joe Cooper.

There are a number of advantages to working at Aldridge. Among these benefits are company-funded materials and certifications, continuous training opportunities, full medical benefits and a 401K option.  Other perks include game nights, free snacks and drinks, a beer and wine fridge, competitions and prizes to encourage staff to meet projected goals, and more.

The network of friendships that exist within the company create the foundation for what’s considered to be one of Aldridge’s core values, building trust. People have the best intentions for one another. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to see each other succeed.

“I have learned that I am capable of a lot more than I thought. I have been given the chance to take the reins on a variety of tasks, and I feel as if I no longer have limits. I can go as far as I want to go at Aldridge, and there is always someone there to teach and train me,” said Cooper.

The organization’s investment in the growth of its employees provides members with the flexibility to transition between roles and explore their aptitudes. This flexibility facilitates endless opportunity and allows individuals to grow with the business.

“I have changed roles several times and have touched every department. This has allowed me to learn about the business as a whole as I have held several different positions under several different supervisors,” said Cooper.

Aldridge encourages its staff to be independent in their work and take on new challenges with a positive, forward-thinking approach. Change is not feared by the Aldridge team, but embraced for the new opportunities it presents.

“Aldridge empowered me and gave me chances to challenge myself by holding me accountable for a variety of new tasks. This allowed me to learn from those experiences even when I made a mistake,” said LaPalomento.

By enabling the individual, Aldridge helps its employees understand their personal strengths and how they can provide value to their coworkers and the company as a whole. Employees can wear what they want (except when visiting with a client), listen to music on their headphones, and essentially create a comfortable environment in which they can be the most productive. This is what makes Aldridge unique. The company trusts its people to give their best every day and treats every person with respect and understanding.

“At Aldridge, I have learned a lot about my personality and abilities, and how I can utilize these aspects of myself in a way that brings value to the company and our clients. I enjoy working in such a fun, upbeat atmosphere and value the opportunity to learn and grow alongside Aldridge,” said LaPalomento.

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