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Aldridge Core Values

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Leadership Team

The stuff we're made of

We know that IT is a complex business and that your company will require complex solutions. We also know that there are thousands of possible things we could do to help your organization achieve its goals. But know this: everything we do, every possibility we consider, and every decision we make, as individuals and as an organization, is governed completely by a set of core values that define who we are and drive us forward every day:

  • Build trust with every decision we make
  • Take swift and meaningful action to resolve problems
  • Create best-fit solutions for our clients’ unique needs
  • Keep Aldridge strong so we can keep our clients strong

Our backbone: building trust

Things are different at Aldridge. We believe in more than just turning a profit. We believe that the only way to conduct business is to work in the best interests of our clients and each other. And since trust is in everyone’s best interests, we make sure that everything we do builds trust or we won’t do it. If it sounds like we think trust is a big deal it’s because we do. Not only is it the most important value we have, it’s the most important quality of every client relationship we build. And we’re determined to keep it that way.

Our heart: taking swift and meaningful action

Regardless of the issue or task at hand, we know not only that time is money, but that speed is of the essence, especially in support situations. That’s why we’ve built a culture of first responders who work quickly to consider options and determine solutions. Then we charge forth with swift and meaningful action to resolve problems.

Our brain: creating custom, best-fit solutions

Not all companies need the same IT. That’s why we don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions, we never sell generic packages with unwanted services, and we won’t force clients into solutions they don’t need. Instead, we provide just one thing: the custom solution that offers the greatest benefit for our clients and serves their interests the best.

Our muscle: keeping us strong keeps you strong

We believe that one of the best ways to keep our clients strong and healthy is to keep our own company strong and healthy. Because we’re healthy and profitable and able to invest in ourselves, our clients are able to benefit every day from our expertise and ability to continuously deliver best-fit custom solutions, unwavering service, and rock-solid support.