Aldridge Acquires Rafte & Company

February 1st, 2012 | Aldridge News

Leading IT consulting firms join forces to deliver strategic business solutions

HOUSTON, February 1, 2012 – The Aldridge Company (, a leading provider, consultant and integrator of Information Technology and Cloud Computing solutions for SMBs, and Rafte & Company, a leading provider of business and technology consulting services for law firms, nonprofit organizations and other professional services firms, today announced the completion of the merger of IT support services. Under the agreement, Rafte & Company will leverage the strengths of The Aldridge Company’s Managed Services practice while continuing to focus on its strengths in the areas of business process improvement, application evaluation/selection, and consulting services for professional services firms.

“After working closely with Rafte & Company on numerous projects during the past three years, it became clear that we could accomplish more and deliver more value to our customers by combining our IT support services than we could separately,” said Chief Operating Officer, Patrick R. Wiley. “Dena and her team are experts in business process and technology for professional services firms who will be valuable assets as The Aldridge Company works to gain a strong foothold in those markets.”

The two companies share a similar history. Both were established to help Houston companies integrate technology into their business processes in the mid-1980s – Rafte & Company in 1983 and The Aldridge Company in 1984. Despite the similarities, the two rarely competed. The Aldridge Company focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses integrate the use of strategic technology solutions to accelerate growth while Rafte’s consulting services are focused on law firms, nonprofit organizations and other professional services firms.

“With combined IT support services, Rafte & Company and The Aldridge Company offer easy availability of cloud services as well as a full complement of technology and business consulting services for small businesses, law firms and other professional services firms,” said Rafte. “While The Aldridge Company makes it possible for organizations to focus on what they do best and handoff their IT to the experts, Rafte & Company will introduce those services to law firms, nonprofit organization and professional services firms to drive efficiencies and positively impact profitability through work flows and technology.”

This combination expands both the size and breadth of expertise of the IT staff, which will better serve customer needs. Together, The Aldridge Company and Rafte & Company will jointly provide IT solutions that include a focus on the client’s business initiatives complimented by a broad range of IT management services, including management of servers, PCs and networks coupled with rapid and accurate technical support along with expertise in business strategy and process. Other services include technology and work process evaluations, audits of security and disaster recovery readiness,  a range of hosting options from dedicated servers to cloud hosting, and makes available a full suite of business consulting services.

About Rafte & Company

Established in 1983 with headquarters in Houston, Texas, Rafte & Company specializes in designing, implementing and managing strategic business and technology consulting solutions, remote collaboration systems, document management software solutions, legal software support, IT design and management services.

About The Aldridge Company

The Aldridge Company is a Houston, Texas-based technology management, consulting and outsourcing company.  Founded in 1984, the company brings a winning combination of professional technical expertise, extensive capabilities and a strict focus on the importance of business processes.  The Aldridge Company is a leading provider, consultant and integrator of Information Technology and Cloud Computing solutions.  In 2011, the company was listed as No. 11 on the Houston Business Journal’s Fast Tech 50 list of fastest growing Houston technology companies.