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Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs Premium

Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs Premium

Microsoft 365 has established itself as the best-in-class productivity and collaboration platform for businesses. Microsoft 365 offers 4 different subscription tiers, however there are really only 2 tiers that are suitable for professional organizations of up to 300...

Why is Cyber Insurance Getting More Expensive?

Why is Cyber Insurance Getting More Expensive?

The most advanced security strategy and tools can't prevent 100% of cyber attacks. There will always be some new technical exploit or fraud angle that will slip through the defenses of even the most well-prepared business. Cyber insurance exists for times when an...

Overcoming the Tech Device Shortage: Order Early & Be Flexible

Given the ongoing global supply chain disruptions, companies need to plan for their needs and buy technology devices further in advance than they have in the past. Global chip shortages are impacting all industries. Businesses of all sizes are facing unexpected...

Why Long-Term Care Providers Are Outsourcing IT

Caring for others can be both a rewarding and demanding occupation. Today's Long-Term Care (LTC) employees often have limited technology experience and need 24/7/365 IT support they can trust to get the job done. Staff must care for residents while maintaining...

Donate Your Old Computers & Help Us Support Youth in Need

We're asking our readers to donate their old computers and help support our non-profit partner, Comp-U-Dopt®, in their efforts to provide youth in underserved communities with the technology they need for success. If you would like to make a donation, email us at...

Microsoft Teams Voice 101: Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Business Voice, or more commonly referred to as Teams Voice, is an add-on for Microsoft Teams that transforms Teams into a complete VoIP phone system. Teams Voice is an excellent option for businesses that are already on Microsoft 365 and have standard phone...

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3 Things You Need To Do After Fixing Your Log4j Vulnerabilities

Log4j is a common software utility that’s commonly found on many web services. Its intended use is for logging the health and activity of those web services for administrators, providing insights into the services’ health, performance, and utilization. A vulnerability...

What Is the “Log4j” Vulnerability

Over this past week, you may have heard mention in the news about the “Log4j” issue. Log4j refers to a common software utility that’s commonly found on many web services. Its intended use is for logging the health and activity of those web services for administrators,...

What is cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance is a necessary policy that will help protect your organization from losses during cyberattacks. While cyber insurance cannot protect you from falling victim to these threats, it can help minimize business disruption and cover the financial costs of...

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All About Business Reviews [Video]

If you’ve outsourced your IT in the past, you may be familiar with business reviews that cover little more than ticket stats. See how Aldridge does things differently.

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