Bryan P. Gregory


As President of Aldridge, Bryan’s main focus is consistency. He works to ensure Aldridge provides best-in-class service throughout the organization.

Bryan joined Aldridge in 2008 as the company’s first sales person. Today, Bryan serves as the President of Aldridge and leads the company’s sales and marketing efforts. Over a span of only 10 years, Bryan has helped increase the Aldridge’s annual revenue to an amount 15 times greater than when he started.

Bryan strives to attain a clear picture of what makes a client’s business work. From daily processes to company culture, Bryan focuses on how clients make their money and what’s most important to their particular organization. By truly understanding a client’s business, he is able to determine how technology can enable the company’s growth and overall productivity to drive success for the future.

“I really enjoy getting to know clients on a personal level. I work closely with each business to figure out what makes the organization, and its members, great at what they do.”

Bryan worked as a Sales Manager in corporate hotel environments before assuming his role at Aldridge. When he joined the Aldridge team, he was looking to use his leadership skills and passion for business to build something new.

In the beginning of his career, Bryan went door to door generating partnerships between Aldridge and other businesses. He later assumed the role of managing the accounts he sold, and eventually began managing all services delivered by the company.

After the Aldridge acquisition of The Harding Group in Dallas, Bryan shifted his focus to developing the Dallas/Fort Worth market. Under his leadership, the branch’s annual revenue grew from $2 million to nearly $5 million in a matter of three years. Bryan believes the company’s number one core value, “Building trust,” has been a vital element in Aldridge’s success.

“I really enjoy getting to know clients on a personal level. I work closely with each business to figure out what makes the organization, and its members, great at what they do.”

“We didn’t have our core values written down on paper until a few years ago. One day, over drinks with the leadership team, we wrote them down on a napkin and realized these ideals are what provide the backbone for our business’s culture and the relationships we forge. From our team to our clients, building trust remains our utmost priority.”

Aldridge was comprised of 10 employees when Bryan joined the company in 2008 and has increased to over 75 employees across four major U.S. cities in 2019. Bryan has worked hand in hand with CEO Patrick Wiley to mold Aldridge into the company it is today. He has helped manage 14 acquisitions that have expanded the Aldridge market across regions of Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Seattle.

Bryan believes the company’s extensive growth would not have been possible without the dedication of the Aldridge team.

“I’ve never worked anywhere where the people are of the highest caliber, exhibit the same level of investment, and care about their jobs as much as they do at Aldridge. Personally, that’s important to me because seeing everyone give 120% every single day is very inspiring. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

Bryan is a member of Vistage, Core24, the Association of Legal Administrators, the Greater Houston Partnership, and the National Business Development Association. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys traveling anywhere warm with an ocean view in sight.

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