IT Audits and Assessments

You don’t know what you don’t know–uncover your IT risks and opportunities

What is an IT Audit?

An IT audit is a consulting engagement that examines and evaluates your organization’s IT environment. To maintain a secure IT environment and fulfill any compliance obligations, we recommend having your IT audited on an annual basis.


An IT audit is especially important if you’re


Anticipating company growth


Concerned about IT security


Planning to upgrade or change technology


Going through a change in leadership


Facing compliance or regulatory obligations

Why You Need a Third-Party IT Audit

An external auditor has no stake in the state of your current IT. This means our IT audit process results in a more objective assessment. An internal auditor may not want to deviate too far from the tools and processes they are comfortable with. Your internal IT audit findings might be more about what’s best for the auditor, not what’s best for your business.

How an Aldridge IT Audit is Different

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), we’ve worked within thousands of client IT environments across many different industries. This experience allows us to provide an extremely thorough and effective audit, based on real experience working with your peers.

Your IT audit process won’t just assess the state of your organization’s IT infrastructure and call it a day. We go further, creating a tailored, 24-month strategic IT Roadmap & Budget that aligns your organization’s technology with your business goals—freeing you up to focus on doing the work needed to move the needle for your business instead of thinking about IT.


Our IT Audit happens in three steps:

1. Executive Interview

Your stakeholders share their business goals with our executive team so we can create a technology plan that supports strategic initiatives.

2. Technical Audit

Next, our team of audit engineers will conduct a hands-on discovery of your organization’s technical infrastructure to map your current IT environment, uncover risks, and reveal any compliance gaps.

3. IT Audit Findings

Lastly, you’ll receive an in-depth presentation that covers:

The State of Your IT – Is it properly meeting your needs? How can it be improved?

Your Risks – Calling out major risks, prioritizing by severity, and guidance on how to minimize risk.

IT Audit Goals – Answer the questions that led to the IT Audit, such as “Are we prepared for growth?”, or “Are we fulfilling our regulatory obligation?”

IT Roadmap & Budget – Outline and budget the IT initiatives required to achieve your strategic business objectives and reduce your risks.

Uncover the State of Your IT

Don’t keep yourself in the dark. You need to know if your IT is performing at its best or leading to unnecessary risks. Contact us to schedule your IT audit today.