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IT Audits and Assessments


What is an
IT audit?

IT audits and assessments are consulting activities that examine and evaluate the current IT landscape for your business.

Audits and assessments provide an overview of current IT infrastructure, highlight the risks within their environment, and outline the steps needed to remedy those risks. They can also provide a 24-month plan that aligns your technology with the goals of your business.

Who should get an
IT auDit?

Your business may need an IT audit or assessment for several reasons, such as company growth, technology upgrades, or leadership changes.

A growing company might consider a cybersecurity assessment to evaluate whether existing infrastructure can keep up with changing business needs and increased usage. A business with aging infrastructure may take on an information technology audit to understand the risks and limitations in their current technology and develop a timeline for equipment upgrades and replacements.

If you’re considering migrating to the cloud, an IT audit can determine which applications are right for your organization. Additionally, an IT leadership change can prompt an audit to understand what’s really going on in your environment.

What does the
It audit process look like?

Generally, the audit process has three steps—an executive interview, technical discovery and analysis, and an audit findings presentation. 

The Executive Interview 

To properly identify your company’s risks and recommend a 24-month IT plan, we’ll need to understand your business. 

We’ll sit down with your company’s leadership to understand the challenges you’ve had and goals you’ve set, as well as learn what you need from IT to achieve those goals. For example, a construction firm that plans to grow its team of remote workers who need to store and access documents on the go will need a secure and reliable cloud solution to meet its business needs. 

The Technical Discovery and Analysis 

After we’ve understood your business, we’ll begin the technical discovery and analysis phase of the IT audit process. An engineer will conduct on-site visits to take inventory of your company’s IT infrastructure, run security scans, and examine applications installed in your environment. 

The raw data from the technical discovery is compiled, examined, and analyzed by our IT consultant. Data collected during the technical discovery and executive interview will be used for the audit findings presentation. 

The Audit Findings Presentation 

The information gathered during the technical discovery and analysis phase typically generates several hundred-page reports. The report is reviewed by a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) and is condensed into a summary that outlines

  • Your hardware: An inventory of your backup devices, firewalls, servers, and more.
  • Your software: All the software used in your organizations, such as Microsoft Office, CRM tools, etc.
  • Our key recommendations: Accounts for security, business continuity, network, servers, and workstations. 

The audit findings presentation will provide you an overview of the full network scan and identify risks across your IT environment. We’ll also present an assessment of your applications you use and your technology vendor relationships. 

At the end of the presentation, we’ll provide a comprehensive 24-month IT plan that recommends upgrades to your infrastructure and outlines a capital expenditure plan. 

Why does my business
need an IT audit?

Uncovering risks to your business is the number one benefit of an IT audit. Assessments also provide businesses with strategic recommendations for technology upgrades and proper IT investment. 

The biggest risk is the one you don’t know about. End-of-life servers, outdated applications, and unpatched software could leave your company’s data vulnerable to hacking, malware, and other types of cybercrime.

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