Launching Microsoft Copilot in Your Organization: 3 Essential Steps

May 2nd, 2024 | AI, Microsoft 365

Launching Microsoft Copilot in your organization takes some planning and execution. We’ve broken down the process into three key steps to ensure a successful deployment. 

Launching Microsoft Copilot in Your Organization: 3 Essential Steps 

Step 1: Assessing Potential Risk 

The first step in launching Copilot is to assess the potential risks involved. Microsoft has provided a helpful self-paced assessment called the Copilot Readiness Assessment, which evaluates factors such as licensing, data storage, user account security, and information organization.  

To gain access to the Copilot Readiness Assessment, visit Microsoft 365 Copilot Webinar. 

Step 2: Determining Team Members 

Next, consider how many team members should have access to Copilot upon the initial deployment. While the end goal may be to enable as many users as possible, it’s important to focus on early adopters and those who will provide valuable feedback for initial deployment.  

Tip: Think in terms of working groups, such as executive teams, directors, or managers of specific units, who can collaborate and experiment with Copilot’s features. 

Step 3: Evaluating ROI and User Feedback 

Finally, evaluate whether you’re getting your money’s worth from Copilot. Monitor usage through administrative reports and gather feedback from users to determine its impact on productivity and efficiency. Share stories of success and achievements in your organization to keep everyone motivated and excited about using Copilot. 

Consider showcasing cool or interesting things you’ve learned to your team to highlight Copilot’s capabilities, showing its potential to streamline tasks and enhance productivity. 


Learn about Microsoft’s new integrated AI tool, Copilot. You’ll learn how to get Copilot, what it can do, and how to implement it the right way. We’ve been experimenting with Copilot within our own business – we’ll share our own experience working with Copilot and the pros and cons so you can determine if it makes sense for your business. Watch the full webinar to learn more.