Patrick R. Wiley

Chief Executive Officer

As chief executive officer, Patrick is responsible for translating strategic direction into the day-to-day operation of Aldridge.

Patrick oversees all aspects of the company’s operations, including all services, new business development, sales, finance, legal, and human resources. Additionally, Patrick leads all of the company’s significant mergers and acquisitions activities that support its growth strategy.

Patrick’s interest in business and technology started at a young age. In the third grade, his entrepreneurial and technology interests combined to produce a venture that sold banners to his classmates. The banners were printed on the dot matrix printer attached to his first computer, a Tandy 3000. Patrick went on to participate in a partnership with two fellow classmates that sold school supplies to the students at his elementary school.

“While other kids in my class spent their downtime playing Nintendo, my partners and I spent our spare time strategizing and innovating,” Patrick says. “I think my parents were worried about me.”

Patrick was Aldridge’s fifth employee when he joined the company as a technician in 2004. He held just about every job in the company along the way to becoming chief executive officer, including answering technical support calls; on-site server and network deployments; designing, building, and supporting the data center; and general management.

Some of Patrick’s many accomplishments at Aldridge include building customer service and technical support programs with dedicated first-responder cultures and implementing cost management structures to ensure the long-term health of the company. His most significant accomplishment has been transforming the company from the traditional IT business model of consulting on a time and materials basis to offering managed services with flat monthly fees for custom, best-fit solutions.

“Making more money when our clients suffer may be the traditional way of doing business for IT companies but that philosophy doesn’t align with our core values,”

“Making more money when our clients suffer may be the traditional way of doing business for IT companies but that philosophy doesn’t align with our core values,” Patrick says.

“Instead, we truly believe that to serve the best interests of our customers we need to share their pain. Doing so not only gives us the opportunity to help them on a more altruistic level, it paves the way for us to build trust in a fundamental way that shapes and informs our entire relationship and allows us to achieve the highest possible level of excellence.”

Under Patrick’s leadership, Aldridge has grown significantly, completing 12 IT-related acquisitions to help strengthen its capabilities.

Aldridge’s rapid growth has landed it on the Houston Business Journal’s 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies and Houston 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies lists and the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies.

Prior to Aldridge, Patrick worked as an IT specialist and training and development manager of a small IT services firm in the Houston area. He also had the opportunity to serve as a guest services intern at Walt Disney World for the Walt Disney Company.

“I learned about the value of customer service from one of the best service-oriented companies in the world,” Patrick says. “The traditions that were passed down to me from Disney’s leadership, including the belief that taking service to a level that exceeds expectations every time will rescue clients from stress, has been invaluable to my career at Aldridge. I apply many of these traditions to help make the complexities of IT simpler for our clients.”

Patrick has technical competence in a wide variety of computing platforms, including networking, Windows and UNIX operating systems, many business applications, and financial software. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from West Virginia University.

Patrick loves great food and good music. When he’s not busy leading the growth and success of Aldridge, Patrick and his wife, Katie, are busy raising their daughters, Harper and Sydney. They enjoy traveling to new places, attending cultural and music events, exploring trendy dining spots, and hanging out with their dogs, Sophie and Louis.