What is an MSSP? (Managed Security Services Provider)

November 7th, 2022 | IT Outsourcing

Thanks to innovation in the cybercrime industry, launching a successful cyber-attack campaign has never been easier. This innovation has unfortunately led to an explosion in attacks, especially against small and midsized businesses. Smaller businesses typically lack the internal cybersecurity resources to defend themselves, leading them to turn to Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) for help. 

 What is an MSSP? 

A Managed Security Services Provider is a complete outsourced security solution for an organization. The role of an MSSP is to help their clients develop an effective security program by working with the executive team to understand their risk appetite so that they can design a security strategy that protects what is critical while remaining cost effective. MSSPs operate at scale, meaning that you will gain access to higher-tier security services like a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) at a fraction of what it would cost to cultivate those services internally.  

 MSSP vs. MSP 

MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) are both third-party organizations that provide IT services to an organization. However, these two types of service providers vary notably in their core offering. An MSP delivers general network and IT support services. While an MSSPs primary focus is on providing cybersecurity services. It is possible for a firm to be both an MSP and MSSP. It is far easier for an MSSP to be successful in protecting your business if they are also fully responsible for your IT environment. 

 Why partner with an MSSP? 

The same reason anyone chooses to outsource, so you don’t have to deal with it. Security is complex, let a specialist handle your IT security so that you can focus on your core business. Working with an MSSP can be a much more cost-effective way of protecting your data and network than hiring in-house IT security. MSSPs can potentially help businesses save money and remove the hassle of purchasing software tools and equipment.  

 Benefits of working with an MSSP: 

Access to advanced security resources 

MSSPs operate at a scale that allows them to make higher-tier security tools and services attainable for smaller businesses. They will have had plenty of experience implementing these tools and services across many different environments, allowing them to do it far more efficiently than a business trying to implement on their own.  

Focus on your core business 

Without an MSSP, you might simply not have the staff or resources to achieve everything you might want. Working with an MSSP will allow your employees, especially your IT team, to focus on your actual business instead of worrying about security. 


Frankly, security isn’t cheap. Cybersecurity professionals are in-demand so your labor costs will be extremely high. Working with an MSSP will cost far less than hiring an in-house security team, while also being less efficient. 


We know that technology is constantly changing and improving., MSSPs are highly motivated to stay up to date with the newest changes in the cybersecurity world. Because of this, your MSSP will be constantly fine-tuning their approaches to keep you and your organization secure. 

 Cybercrime is not going anywhere any time soon. Be proactive and find resources to keep you and your organization secure. If you are concerned about your business’s cybersecurity, visit our IT Security services page to learn how Aldridge can help.