How to Report Phishing Attacks the Right Way

August 16th, 2023 | Cybersecurity

The battle against phishing requires not only cautious online behavior but also an understanding of how to report phishing incidents effectively. Take a look at the crucial steps and strategies for reporting phishing the right way and safeguarding both your personal and business information.  

How to Report Phishing Attacks the Right Way 

When to get help: 

When you receive a phishing email, use the Report Phishing button, or let your IT Team know. If you’re feeling unsure about your ability to identify phishing emails, look at Protect Yourself from Phishing (5 Red Flags to Watch for). In this article, we provide valuable insights to ensure you can easily steer clear of deceptive tactics and stay ahead of potential cyber threats. 



How to Report a Successful Phishing Attack 

If you think you’ve been compromised, report it immediately! To ensure a swift and effective response to any successful cyberattacks, you can go to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). The IC3 serves as a vital hub for reporting and documenting internet-related crimes, including cyberattacks and online fraud. By utilizing this platform, you can play a critical role in assisting law enforcement in their efforts to combat cybercrime and protect both individuals and businesses from digital threats. 


When you are uncertain, STAY CAUTIOUS and call a trusted person or your IT team. 

Each report serves as a valuable piece in the puzzle of online security, helping authorities and organizations stay ahead of the curve. Discover all four crucial security concepts that will empower you to protect yourself in our Security Awareness 101 [4 Concepts You Must Know] blog. 


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Are You Smarter Than a Phisher?

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